How to Hit a Flop Shot – Short Sided Chipping for Breaking 80/90/100

In this first episode of the short game series, featuring Matt and Harvey, we learn to hit it over a bunker when we’ve short sided ourselves. That will entail learning how to hit a flop shot or not depending on if you want to break 80 or break 90 or break 100.

This is a highly unprofessional, one-take video showing you how to chip the ball when you have an obstacle between you and the hole.

If you’re trying to break 80, you’re going to need a flop shot in this situation. If you’re trying to break 100 or 90, thenyou need to play away from the obstacle in case you hit a fluff and put it into the hazard. It’s much better to JUST GET IT ON THE GREEN, anywhere, even if you have a 20 foot putt remaining for par/bogey. It’s better than making a triple or quad from the bunker or water.

We will take requests so please let me know in the comments below what we should tackle next for you. We are dedicated to bringing you the realest golf instruction from the most unprofessional amateur perspective.


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