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key to hitting crisp iron shots

ECGA Academy Director Jonathan Wallett shows the Tour Players secrets for hitting pure, solid iron shots source


Instruction: 30 yards shots with Simon Holmes and Anna Whiteley

Golf coach Simon Holmes gives Golfing World presenter Anna Whiteley a lesson in how to approach tricky 30 yard shots source


Huge Golf Myth: Follow Through on Chip and Pitch Shots Team USA Junior Golf Coach, International #1 Bestselling Author & Play Golf Like The Pro’s founder Gary Occhino debunks another...


Short Game Golf Tips: Add spin with chip shots and pitch shots — Brad Skupaka shows you how to correct your greenside chipping woes with this...


Golf How to stop thin shots, Olympic Golf Preview Be Better Golf Live

On this episode of Be Better Golf Live. We get an update on Monte Scheinblum’s comeback to tournament golf. Olympic Gold Gold Medal Preview Subscriber Questions...


Smash/Rip your iron shots – Golf Instruction by Craig Hanson You Tubes Top Online Trainer

In this video I show you how to hit your irons a great distance and with consistency. I teach club golfers through to tour pros and had over 18,000 + lessons. For more...


Tom Watson Shows How To Handle Your Chip Shots | Golf Tips | Golf Digest

PGA Tour golfer Tom Watson shows Golf Digest two ways to play any type of short-game chip shot. Transcript In this tip, I’m going to show you an easy way to...


“Golf ” – Stop chunking small pitch shots ..Tiger Woods by You Tubes Top Online Trainer.

Professional Instructor Craig Hanson shows why you chunk and thin your chips and small pitch shots. And shows the best players in the world Tiger and Seve and the real...



Transform your chipping with these training aids in this weeks Impact Show with PGA Golf Coaches Piers Ward and Andy Proudman. Get Your Fat Plate Here...


How To Improve Your Club Path Golf Lesson

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