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GoOfy the Golf Ball BUS RULES

This is the first video that started it all. source


Golf Clash tips – Tour 7, Tropic Kings – Courses, Rules and club tips!

Hey guys and gals, This channel is sponsored by Golf Clash and Playdemic. This is a 5min walkthrough of the courses, rules and suggested clubs on Tour 7 – Tropic...


2016 PGA TOUR/ Tour Golf Cart Safety Video

The PGA TOUR has put together this brief video to be sure that all tournament staff and Volunteers are on the same page as far as cart safety. All WinCo Foods Portland...


Golf Rules – Caddie Touching Loose Impediment – Happy Gilmore

SUBSCRIBE to GOLFRULES QUESTIONS Q. QUESTION: What is the penalty for the caddie touching a loose impediment in a water hazard, whilst the...


What Are the Myrtle Beach Golf Cart Rules or Laws?

Questions we get asked all the time; what are the rules for golf carts in Myrtle Beach, SC? Before you buy that beautiful home for sale with plans to drive around in...


Arnie’s Rule # 1 Rule of golf – Don’t be the slowest player

Don’t be the slowest player. Arnold Palmer has 10 rules of golf etiquette and we have captured rule number one in this fast moving video. Thanks to Duffers.TV...


Let’s Play Mini Golf For Real! Classic Course

Let’s play an entire 18 holes of Mini Golf! Matt vs Zach, Who will come out with the lowest score for the win?! This course is at Kniess’ just north of...


Golf Rules – Marking Your Ball with a Biscuit – Happy Gilmore

SUBSCRIBE to GOLFRULES QUESTIONS Q. QUESTION 1: Can a player use a biscuit to mark their ball? QUESTION 2: Can the caddie replace the ball? ANSWER...


What Is Four Ball Best Ball In Golf?

In a best ball competition, the 14 feb 2015 ryder cup embraces both fourball and foursomes formats second shot they then alternate on every until their is holed out. 26...


The (Audio) Rules of Disc Golf – Doubles

Doubles play in disc golf comes in a variety of formats. Best Shot, Best Disc, Alternate Shot, Worst Shot, and Tough Shot. Except where noted, all standard PDGA rules...

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